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Don’t allow in-house document scanning to drain your resources. Through outsourcing you save time and effort, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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Dramatically improve document sharing and streamline document driven processes.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Spend less time handling documents and more time managing your business.

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Boost Productivity + Simplify Compliance + Decrease Operational Costs


In-house scanning can drain operational resources. Cut labor costs and capital investment by outsourcing document scanning. Outsourcing document scanning will save time and effort; allowing you to focus on your business.

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What Our Clients Say

Managed Digital Documents has been our document management partner for eight years. They understand the demands of the turnaround environment and work closely with our staff to provide effective solutions for Human Resources, Safety and Purchasing without disrupting our workflow. They were at the forefront of the industry offering the cost and convenience benefits of a secure Cloud solution.
Turnaround Company
We had over 600,000 customer documents with 30 document types including engineering drawings and submittals to scan and PDF and OCR. MDD assisted us in organizing the project from start to finish. They worked closely with our Document Control staff to meet all the requirements. Their staff was knowledgeable and professional. We were more than satisfied with their attention to detail and the quality of the deliverables.
Architecture Firm

Houston Document Scanning Services

What’s The Problem With Paper?

Many document management experts estimate that a typical professional in an office environment can waste as much as up to 500 hours per year searching for documents. The individual placing the documents may error in placing the document. Many items over a certain period of time will have a high potential to be filed incorrectly. One mistake and a file could be lost indefinitely. Also, paper documents are not guarded and lack full-time security and accountability. Everyone has access to the file cabinets in an office, but everyone does not have the same level of experience with the filing system or degree of accountability. With physical paper there is no way to track documents, no audit trails and limited security provisions to protect sensitive information. Finally paper documents do not provide redundancy or disaster relief. Paper documents are vulnerable to flood, fire, and theft. When a paper document is damaged or lost, it is gone forever.

Houston Document Conversion Services

Why Should I Scan My Documents?

This question is probably the best place to start when considering outsourcing document scanning in Houston. Understanding your reasons for scanning will help you make the best choices when planning your next project.

Do You Want to Save Labor Time and Money?

One of the major hidden expenses in a paper-based workflow environment is the time required for employees to retrieve a paper file, perform an action with it, and then re-archive the file. Suppose the average time required to walk to the records room and locate a file is 5 minutes. If an employee is required to access an average of 4 files each day then roughly eighty-five (85) hours per year is spent on this activity by this person. When this amount is extrapolated throughout an organization, thousands of hours can be spent annually on this activity resulting in hidden costs of thousands of dollars. No more misfiled or lost documents.  By digitizing your documents your employees have the ability for near instant retrieval, and that means you and your employees have what you need, when you need it.

Would you like to Simplify Compliance?

Documentation provides evidence of policy compliance. It is a crucial factor in non-compliance claims. Monitoring adherence to voluntary programs and demonstrating regulatory compliance takes less time when the required documents are digitized, centrally located and readily accessible.


Houston Paperless Office Solutions

Streamlining your business process leads to improvement and optimization, and creating the benefit of a “less paper” environment. Scanning gives users the enhanced capabilities they need to perform their jobs better and faster.


Processes are the organization’s mechanism of creating and delivering products and services to its customers. The efficiency of  processes is one of the key factors that determines overall corporate performance.

Studies show the average employee spends close to 40% of their time looking for information.

Digitizing documents is an efficiency method to help streamline and reduce the cycle time of document driven processes. A recent survey indicates that 74% of organizations that implement digitized document and records management infrastructure had their expectations met or exceeded by the measurable cost containment results.

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