Reduce Labor Costs.

In-house scanning can drain operational resources. Cut labor costs and capital investment by outsourcing document scanning. Outsourcing document scanning will save time and effort; allowing you to focus on your business.

Add it Up

Calculate the Cost of One Hour per Day per Employee Filing and Retrieving Paper Documents

# of  Employees One Hour Per Day Burdened Pay Rate Per Hour per Employee Total Labor Cost Per Day Total Labor Cost Per Year
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Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency

Gartner Research puts electronic document management in their magic quadrant for IT investment. 83% of companies surveyed reported a positive high return on investment and low cost of ownership.

74% of organizations that implemented electronic document management had their expectations met or exceeded by the measurable cost containment results.

Electronic document management (EDM) allows automation of standard document driven processes in order to reduce the completion time of each process cycle and increase productivity, profitability and customer service and job satisfaction.

Reduction of staff time spent on manual processing will result in measurable increase in productivity of staff. The metrics may include:

  • A greater number business tasks processed by the same staff in shorter amount of time
  • More staff time dedicated to actual business functions instead of searching for documents
  • Faster turnaround in all areas of each department
  • Cost effective, reliable, distributed access to records from multiple workstations and locations
  • Ease of administration and documentation for security and privacy compliance
  • Acceleration of reimbursement through increased efficiency
  • Backup / Disaster Recovery Protection of important information assets
  • Elimination of lost or misfiled records
  • Documents become available for Internal and External audits
  • Search and access capabilities over the Web
  • Recycle folders, dividers and boxes for reuse
  • Recycling of shredded documents conserves trees, water and energy
  • As a manager you need flexible, affordable, tools to maximize productivity and minimize costs across all departments.

    Give your employees access to their documents in seconds at the touch of a finger without leaving their work stations.
    Lack of information and document organization affects productivity and costs money.

    Document scanning helps eliminate wasted time and handling costs from document driven tasks and increases productivity, profitability, customer service and job satisfaction.

    Business statistics show the average knowledge worker spends close to 40% of their time looking for information.

    How much money will be saved if you squeeze just one hour of document filing and retrieval tasks from each worker each day?

    How much more efficient would your office be if you could reallocate just one hour of document filing and retrieval tasks from each worker each day?

    By automating business processes you will increase productivity, profits and employee job satisfaction.

    Reduce labor costs by organizing, managing and sharing key documents with affordable outsource document scanning solutions. Outsourcing provides an economic solution with no capital investment in hardware or software.

    Your business gains greater efficiency and faster turnaround time without the drain of ongoing labor costs or equipment maintenance.

    At Managed Digital Documents, your records are handled by experienced document imaging specialists. You can be assured of confidential and careful handling of your materials. We provide affordable, high-quality outsource document scanning. We use advanced scanning software and state-of-the-art imaging equipment.

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