Organize, manage and share documents and records anywhere, by simply accessing Viridis private-cloud via a web browser.

Until recently, you needed an enterprise document management hardware/software solution costing tens of thousands of dollars to streamline your business processes and convert your office to a paperless environment.

Managed Digital Documents has bypassed all that to give you the benefits of rapid deployment, subscription pricing and scalable capacity delivered with enhanced security and reliability with Viridis Cloud.

MDD maintains and manages the performance, availability and security of the system.

Hosted on SuperNAP, the #1 rated disaster avoidance interconnect facility in North America. The software, database and servers reside at the only secure, and compliant Tier IV Gold data center in the United States. SuperNAP is the national leader in providing collocation, bandwidth and connectivity services for Fortune 100 enterprises, mid-sized businesses and government customers.

The only additional hardware a client may need is a scanner if not currently available in the enterprise, or let us scan into your system for you. Our Viridis products make it quick and easy for customer employees to import electronic documents, scan paper-based documents and save them electronically in a structured file system.


Predictable Costs
You only pay for what you need therefore you implement a solution for a fixed monthly fee. Also, solutions can be implemented without the risk of long drawn out installations.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
IT Support and management are borne by MDD for our Viridis products, rather than the end user and any associated costs are simply included in the monthly fee.

Fast and Simple Implementation
MDD’s Viridis products can convert your firm to a paperless environment quickly.

Never Upgrade Again
Viridis product clients do not have to worry about spending time on upgrading software, IT complications. They spend their time perfecting their core competencies.

Business Continuity Planning
In the event of a disaster, simply log on from a different location and continue to service your clients.


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