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Quotes - Letter & Legal size documents

Please complete the form below, in order that we may provide you with an estimate for your scanning project. Amounts and percentages can be estimated. We will prepare a free quotation based on the information that you have provided to us. Please be as accurate as possible

Approximate Number of Pages
What size are the majority of the documents?
Output Format
DPI Required
Please check all that accurately describe your documents  Heavyweight/thick paper Lightweight/onion skin paper Small text Non-standard sizes Bound (e.g., books) Torn/damaged (hand-feed) Basic preparation (remove staples, repair turned,corners, unfold) Advanced preparation (sort pages, structure files, purge) Reassembly of Source Documents Do not reassemble documents On-site Scanning
Data Storage
Which of the following best describes the required indexing? Choose one
 Each page is a stand-alone record; indexing by page. Pages are organized into documents; indexing is by document. Pages are organized into documents and documents into folders; indexing is by folder and by document. Other (Please describe in additional comments) None.
Please estimate the number of records (documents and folders)
Please detail any specific requirements or information that you need
For example, a folder containing 10 reports that need to remain separate is considered 10 documents. A single 500-page report is considered 1 document.
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