Be More Productive.

Reallocation of staff time from manual processing will result in measurable increase in productivity of staff. These measurements may include:

  • A greater number business tasks processed by the same staff in shorter amount of time
  • More staff time dedicated to actual business functions instead of searching for documents
  • Faster turnaround in all areas of each department
  • Cost effective, reliable, distributed access to records from multiple workstations and locations
  • Email, fax or print records quickly
  • Ease of administration and documentation for security and privacy compliance
  • Acceleration of reimbursement through increased efficiency
  • Backup / Disaster Recovery Protection of one of their most important information assets
  • Elimination of lost or misfiled records
  • Documents become available for Internal and External audits
  • Search and access capabilities over the Web
  • Recycle folders, dividers and boxes for reuse
  • Recycling of shredded documents conserves trees, water and energy

Implementation of document scanning will break through the obstacles generated by time-consuming repetitive manual tasks that prevent processes from operating at optimum levels; will enhance the ability of management to monitor business process performance; find and minimize wastage of resources (personnel and materials); increase productivity and quality of work performed.

The document scanning process converts your paper-based documents into indexed electronic images enabling access to any document from multiple workstations and office location. The earlier in the business process cycle a document is scanned the greater the efficiency gain in the business process.

From your pc, laptop or smart phone you can access filed documents within seconds – providing significantly greater efficiency than a paper-based filing system. Multiple users can access documents simultaneously.

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